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Your words matter: The value of therapeutic writing

First Aired: July 6, 2014

Claire Willis, LICSW

Claire Willis, LICSW

The research is clear – expressive writing can have a substantial positive impact on anyone affected by cancer. The simple act of putting words on a page can reduce a number of physical symptoms and psychological stresses – both of which enhance quality of life, according to works published by the American Psychological Association. Emotional resilience may improve as well.

Our guest, licensed clinical social worker Claire B. Willis, shares her insights into the value of therapeutic writing on the cancer journey. Co-founder of Facing Cancer Together in Newtonville, Mass., she has more than 25 years of experience in individual and group support and 18 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation. She is an adjunct faculty member at Andover Newton Theology School and author of Lasting Words: A Guide to Finding Meaning Toward the Close of Life. She also writes a blog.

Here are some resources about expressive and therapeutic writing:
Research on the therapeutic use of writing – Counselling Directory
Treating cancer with art: 5 alternative therapies that heal cancer symptoms – Medical Daily
Healing with Words – A Therapeutic Writing Group hosted by CancerCare

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