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Will I ever get my energy back?

First Aired: April 6, 2104

One of the three big challenges for those in treatment and survivorship is fatigue. Finding ways to re-energize might require a bit of trial and error. Our guest is Wendy Kuhn, a health coach and cancer survivor. She identified solutions for herself as she went through treatment and moved into survivorship that she shares with others who have struggled to find energy. She provides a holistic approach based on some tried and true techniques in integrative nutrition that balance what you eat with physical activity.

Health Coach Wendy Kuhn

Health Coach Wendy Kuhn

Wendy Kuhn is a holistic health coach who leads Break Through Consulting. She provides services to Cornucopia participants and others through workshops and webinars.

You can learn more about fatigue and energy rejuvenation through sources such as these:
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Energy balance – National Cancer Institute
Seven super snacks – American Institute for Cancer Research
Exercise for cancer survivors facing bone loss – American Institute for Cancer Research
– Nutrition and physical activity during and after cancer treatment: American Cancer Society
Physical activity and the cancer patient – American Cancer Society

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