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Using online communities to make cancer connections.

First Aired: March 2, 2014

John Novack

John Novack

The benefits of peer-to-peer connections are well known, and those connections can be borderless with the help of Internet and social media technologies. Among our guests talking about how patients, survivors and caregivers use current and evolving online tools to inquire about and cope with cancer is John Novack, director of communications for Inspire. This Princeton, NJ-based organization that has built peer-to-peer online support communities for a wide range of medical conditions, including cancer. Many of its online communities are developed with nonprofit organizations. Inspire helps industry connect with patients in order to accelerate and improve research.

And, we welcome back Letha Rodman-Melchior, a blogger and cancer survivor, who shares her story and her desire to help others, particularly during hospital stays. She has started a petition that calls for hospital food services to provide healthy, nutritious meals to patients in the hospital.

Join the conversation as we explore the benefits and challenges of connecting and engaging in online cancer communities.

Read about online support communities in a recent issue of Oncology Nursing News: Tapping the resources of online patient communities.

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