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That’s music to my ears

First Aired: April 27, 2014

Tim Honig

Tim Honig

Music has been called a universal language – it may also be a universal therapeutic tool to promote healing and enhance quality of life. Our guests will talk about the role that music can play for those affected by cancer, including easing physical symptoms such as nausea and pain. It can also reduce stress and enhance relaxation. Rhythm, self-expression and creativity all can provide mind, body and spirit support.

Joining us are
– Tim Honig, a board certified music therapist and graduate student in Appalachian State University’s music therapy program.
– Allan Friedman, director of the Women’s Voices Chorus, a Triangle-based classical chorus that is performing Andrea Clearfield, The Long Bright, a cantata written in memory of singer/composer Anni Baker who died of cancer. The program is Friday, May 16 at Hill Hall on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.
– Claire Campbell, a member of the Women’s Voices Chorus and a pediatric oncology nurse at Duke.

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