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Taking the bitter with the sweet

First Aired: December 14, 2014

Licensed mental health counselor and author Darcy Thiel shares the story of her family’s journey with cancer. Her husband, Tim, was diagnosed with stage 4 gall bladder cancer and died less than a year after the diagnosis.

In her first book, Bitter and Sweet, A Family’s Journey with Cancer, she shares the ups and downs that she, her husband and their children faced as Tim lived his life fully while preparing for his untimely death.

Her newest book, Life after Death, On This Side of Heaven, chronicles the emotional and pragmatic challenges that Darcy faced after her husband passed away. Darcy has been a couples and family therapist at Help for Healing in New York State for about 20 years. She also blogs about living with grief, coping with parenthood and other life lessons.

Darcy Thiel

Darcy Thiel

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