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Surviving and Thriving into Survivorship

First Aired: May 24, 2015

From left, Jean Sellers, Deborah Mayer, co-host Dave Richmond, host Mary Lawrence

From left, Jean Sellers, Deborah Mayer, co-host Dave Richmond, host Mary Lawrence

So much of the focus about cancer has been on treatment and things we can do to reduce our chances of getting cancer. But what about the millions of adults and children who have survived cancer?

The National Cancer Institute estimates that there are nearly 14.5 million American adults and children who have survived cancer as of January 2014. And, that number is expected to grow to nearly 19 million in less than 10 years. Their research also shows that 64% of cancer survivors were diagnosed 5 or more years ago, and only about 15% were diagnosed 20 or more years ago. Researchers and medical experts seem to be responding to these numbers as more and more are looking at how they can best support survivors after treatment ends.

Our program features Deborah Mayer, a professor in the UNC School of Nursing and Director of Cancer Survivorship at UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center; and Jean Sellers, an oncology nurse, the Administrative Clinical Director of the UNC Cancer Network, and President of the new North Carolina Oncology Navigator Association.

Join two events in June 2015:
* Friday, June 5 – Patient Navigation Symposium, hosted by the North Carolina Oncology Navigators Association. Register online or by calling (919) 843-8722.
* Saturday, June 6 – UNC’s Cancer Survivors Day celebration, featuring workshops, activities and a keynote presentation by UNC Women’s Basketball Coach Sylvia Hatchell, herself a cancer survivor. Event is free – RSVP online or by calling 844-596-9157.

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