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Ripple effect: Cancer’s impact on caregivers

First Aired: December 29, 2013

We are focusing on the “secondary survivors” of cancer – the caregivers. These family members and friends serve in a multitude of roles – making decisions, advocating for the person in treatment, communicating with the medical team and patient, and as a hands-on care provider.

We are joined this evening by Carly Mesavitz, who is the Coordinator of Caregiver Services with CancerCare. Carly is a licensed clinical social worker, and she manages support groups and other support resources for those who help patients through treatment and survivorship.

Carly Mesavitz

Carly Mesavitz

Caregivers: here are some resources that may help you on your journey:
Peer Connect – Cornucopia’s telephone-based, one-on-one support network for caregivers, patients and survivors.
My Cancer Circle: An online support community just for caregivers, co-sponsored by CancerCare and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals.
Cancer Action Network (formerly National Family Caregivers Association) educates, supports and empowers those who care for those with disabilities or chronic illnesses, including cancer. 800-896-3650
Family Caregiver Alliance provides a public voice for caregivers and offers online support groups. 800-445-8106
National Alliance for Caregiving is a nonprofit coalition of national organizations that support caregivers.
Well Spouse Association advocates for and supports those caring for a chronically ill or disabled spouse/partner.

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