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Magnolia Meals at Home™ expands

First Aired: September 27, 2015


Cornucopia, in partnership with Eisai and Meals on Wheels of Wake County, continues to provide nutritious meals through the Magnolia Meals at Home™ program. Recently, the program expanded to serve not breast cancer patients, but also thyroid cancer patients. And, their loved ones may also receive this service free of charge.

Community Relations Manager Olivia Lawrence shares information on how Magnolia Meals at Home™ provides men and women in the Triangle undergoing treatment for breast or thyroid cancer with meal support. Each eligible participant can receive up to 20 meals per delivery, once a month for up to 2 months. This includes 10 meals nutritionally geared for patients living with breast or thyroid cancer plus up to 10 meals for their family members, if requested by the participant. The meals are delivered frozen.

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