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Be on the lookout – Foods that may cause cancer

First Aired: September 14, 2014

We often hear about the various foods we should eat to guard against cancer. But what about the foods we should avoid? Join the conversation on That Cancer Show™ as we talk about the foods that may increase your risk of getting cancer.

It’s important to remember that food is only one part of the equation… but it can be an important one. Always speak with your medical team about any dietary changes you make, particularly on the cancer journey. Read more about the potential impact of foods you eat:

16 cancer-causing foods you probably eat every day – NaturalOn, natural health news and discoveries
12 cancer-causing food substitutes – NaturalOn, natural health news and discoveries
Shopper’s guide to pesticides in produce™ – Environmental Working Group, executive summary
Shopper’s guide to avoid GE (genetically engineered) food – Environmental Working Group
BPA risks – National Resources Defense Council
Caramel color: The risk that may be in your soda – Consumer Reports study in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
Draft guidance for industry: Voluntary labeling indicating whether foods have or have not been developed using bioengineering – Food and Drug Administration
Aspartame – Source Watch
Red meat and colon cancer – Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide

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