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Listening to your body talk

First Aired: June 21, 2015


Research shows that most breast cancer diagnoses occur in women who are 50 and older. In fact, the median age is 61. That age data is why the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends women begin mammogram screening at age 50 and repeat the test every 2 years. But that doesn’t mean women younger than 50 don’t get breast cancer. So other organizations, including the American Cancer Society, have recommended that screening begin when women turn 40 and continue annually. In addition to age, family history can affect when your doctor may recommend you get a mammogram.

Our guest is familiar with challenges about age, frequency of screening, and family history. Participant Sherri Kempf was not yet 50 when diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease her family is all-too-familiar with.

Sherri shares her story and how Cornucopia helped her engage with her inner voice and listen to her body as a valuable way to cope with her illness. She and her family have continued to find ways to reframe their thoughts and actions and accept their imperfections.

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