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It’s a guy thing – Challenges men face when they have cancer

First Aired: September 21, 2014

Our culture calls for men to be strong, independent and have no fear. But what if cancer comes into the picture? The uncertainty and need to rely on others for assistance can add an extra challenge to treatment and survivorship.

This program features Chris Frey, a stage IV throat and neck cancer survivor and psychotherapist who shares his first-hand experiences and research results to help men “let go of Superman” and accept support.

He also is author of the book, I’m sorry, it’s cancer: A handbook of help and hope for survivors and caregivers.

Additional Resources:
Letting go of Superman: Redefining masculinity in the wake of cancer, by Chris Frey, Coping magazine, May/June 2014
Living under assault: Men making sense of cancer, November 2012 article in the European Journal of Cancer Care
Cancer risk much greater among men – January 2013 article in The Guardian about research by Cancer Research UK
Men don’t discuss prostate screening with doctors – July 2013 study conducted through the Maine Medical Center

Chris Frey

Chris Frey

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