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God is bigger than your cancer

First Aired: July 27, 2014

For many people, emotional and spiritual cancer battles can be just as difficult as the physical battles. That’s why Cornucopia continues to find, provide, and open doors to resources that support the mind and soul along with the body. Spiritual programs are growing, and one in particular that has made its way to North Carolina is Cancer Companions. This ministry operates in eight states with a goal of equipping, training and supporting Christian volunteers to lead support groups and peer counseling at churches that provide a safe and supportive environment for families affected by cancer.

Join us in our conversation with Karen Tripp, MS, LMFT, who founded Cancer Companions in 2010 and leads training programs. She is also author of God is Bigger than Your Cancer and God is Bigger than Your Grief. She is also joined by Mary Clayton, a retired physician assistant who serves as Cancer Companion’s North Carolina Regional Representative; and Christy Fry, a cancer survivor who trained as the organization’s first cancer companion.

Learn more:

– Introductory Webinars will be held Monday, July 28, 7 pm and Thursday, July 31 at 7 pm.

– Cancer Companion training in Durham at New Horizon Church. Saturday, September 13. Visit the Cancer Companion website for details.

Mary Clayton

Hosts Dave Richmond, Mary Lawrence, and guest Mary Clayton

Karen Tripp

Karen Tripp

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