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Finding hope

First Aired: March 8, 2015

Patricia Cadle

Patricia Cadle

Researchers have found that hope can help cancer patients emotionally and physically, even in situations that seem out of control. How do you find and nurture hopefulness when you or a loved one faces cancer?

Our guest is Patricia Cadle, MRE, BCC, an Oncology Chaplain with UNC Health Care’s Pastoral Care Department and a Cornucopia service provider. She holds a master’s degree in religious education from Duke Divinity School and was ordained into the United Church of Christ. She became UNC Hospitals’ first oncology chaplain in 2001. One of the special things about Patricia is she has opened the chaplaincy program to a variety of spiritual tools and has helped build awareness for major world religions in the hospital setting. She was on one of our first shows in April 2012 and recently led a stellar conversation at a Peer Connect Guide Gathering about hope.

Here are some hopeful articles, too!
The concept of hope in family caregivers of cancer patients at home, published in Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing
Level and direction of hope in cancer patients: An exploratory longitudinal study – in Support Cancer Care
Elements of hope in women with advanced ovarian cancer, published in Oncology Nursing Forum

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