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Coping with colorectal cancer – part 2

First Aired: March 30, 2014

Michael Sapienza

Michael Sapienza

Dr. Fatima Rangwala

Co-hosts Mary Lawrence and Dave Richmond with guest, Dr. Fatima Rangwala, a Duke medical oncologist

Continuing our talk about colorectal cancer is Dr. Yousuf Zafar, a medical oncologist with Duke Cancer Institute. This show builds on our February 9 program (below), with additional information about clinical trials, support and survivorship for those affected by this type of cancer.

If you’d like to keep up on research, treatment advancements and other information about gastrointestinal cancers, you may follow Dr. Zafar on Twitter – @yzafar.

There were more than 4,800 cases of colorectal cancer in North Carolina in 2013, and more than 142,000 nationwide. About 8 percent of cancer deaths in North Carolina were from colorectal cancer.

Our guests talk about the impact of colorectal cancer on patients and their families, support resources and treatment options, and prevention tips. We are joined by Dr. Fatima Rangwala, a medical oncologist at Duke Cancer Institute; and Michael Sapienza, founder and executive director of Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation.

FAQs about colorectal cancer – National Cancer Institute
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