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What the cancer researchers have found

First Aired: March 15, 2015

Nearly every week there are announcements about research showing the benefits and need of complementary therapies, advances in cancer medical treatment, treatment disparities, and more. This roundtable discussion with host Mary Lawrence, co-host Dave Richmond and producer Lois Boynton compiles the latest news you can use as you navigate your own or your loved one’s cancer journey.

Some information comes to no surprise to those who are active in Cornucopia – things like how mindfulness practices may help reduce physical side effects, cancer-related distress and depression. And how meaning-centered support groups can help patients experience less psychological distress and improved spiritual well-being. Plus, there’s a study in the Journal of Clinical Nursing that shows that mild to moderate aerobic exercise can reduce fatigue among women with breast cancer who are undergoing radiation treatments.

Here’s other news that may be of interest:
How New Dietary Guidelines Report Aligns with Cancer Prevention
Americans Living Longer Post-Cancer, but Disparities Remain
Colorectal Cancer Rates on Rise in Young Americans
Providers Urged to Address Patients’ Post-Cancer Concerns and New Study Exposes Unmet Needs of Cancer Survivors
Oncologists Not Discussing Supplement Use With Patients
FDA launches drug shortages mobile app

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