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How cancer and cancer treatment can affect your senses (part 2)

First Aired: October 13, 2013

We continue our conversation about how cancer and cancer treatments can affect your five senses – this week, we focus on the eyes and sense of touch.

The sense of touch might be affected by a tumor compressing on and/or infiltrating the peripheral nerves as well as from the cancer therapies including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Cindy Tofthagen, PhD, ARNP, is an assistant professor of nursing at the University of South Florida in Tampa and has 20 years of experience as a nurse specializing in cancer treatment. She also leads a Neuropathy Association support group in Tampa, Florida, helping people with neuropathy and their family and friends better understand the disease and find support. And she serves on the Neuropathy Association’s Neuropathic Pain Management Medical Advisory Council.

Cancer and treatments can also affect the eyes, ranging from dry eyes or excessive tearing, to cataracts or double vision or vision loss. Dr. Jason Chow is an optometrist with Carrboro Family Vision and is known for his enthusiastic emphases on patient education and preventive care. He works with patients throughout treatment and survivorship to help manage any cancer-related changes to the eyes or eyesight.

Dr. Jason Chow

Dr. Jason Chow

Dr. Cindy Tofthagen

Dr. Cindy Tofthagen

Read how cancer survivors successfully cope with neuropathy.

Here is additional information about eye problems associated with cancer and cancer treatment.

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