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Balancing Work and Cancer

First Aired: July 26, 2015

Rebecca V. Nellis, MPP

Rebecca V. Nellis, MPP

Many people who are diagnosed with cancer want to continue working, whether for a sense of normalcy or because of financial necessity. But, what kind of impact can cancer have on your ability to work? There can be many considerations – doctor’s appointments, treatment side effects, and nagging financial concerns. It’s also a challenge to decide who to tell about your diagnosis and treatment and when, and how to balance the physical and emotional issues surrounding cancer and work responsibilities.

Our guest is an expert on the impact of cancer on employment. Rebecca Nellis, Chief Mission Officer with Cancer and Careers, shares ideas about balancing cancer treatment and work responsibilities, the pros and cons of disclosing your illness, and tips for talking with your employer about accommodations such as flex time, banking paid time off, and job restructuring. And, she will shed light on your employment rights and options for legal recourse.

Rebecca has been with Cancer and Careers for more than 10 years and helped launch its national and regional conferences on Work & Cancer. She holds a master of public policy degree from Georgetown University, where she completed her thesis, “Implications of Cancer Survivorship on Financial Assets, Work Productivity and Employment Circumstances.”

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