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From acupuncture to wasps: The latest cancer news

First Aired: September 13, 2015

This family show focuses on news surrounding cancer advancements, treatments, support, and financial woes. Highlights include:

Journal of Clinical Oncology reports that 8 weeks of acupuncture reduced the intensity of hot flashes better than a prescription medication.

– This is a bit sci-fi: Did you know that there’s a Brazilian wasp whose venom can kill cancer cells? There are two things that make it possible. First, the amino acids in the venom only kill bacteria, not red blood cells. Second, this amino acid punches a hole in bacteria cell membranes and they leak to death.

– We have an update on the campaign to fight the high prices of cancer drugs

– Sadly, a report from the Office of Cancer Survivorship indicates that second cancers are increasing. 20% of new diagnoses are among those who have had a different type of cancer before.

– Duke Cancer Center researchers are testing an experimental treatment that uses a modified polio virus to kill brain cancer cells.

-You’ve probably heard that only about 5% of American women with breast cancer also have the BRCA gene – but that’s the stat for Caucasian women. It more than doubles for African-American women – 12.4%.

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