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Peer Connect

Forging a partnership to help support cancer survivors and caregivers

Peer Connect is a confidential peer-support program that connects anyone touched by any type of cancer with another person whose experiences with cancer are similar.


Peer Connect Partners are individuals looking for information and support from a cancer survivor or caregiver.

Peer Connect Guides are cancer survivors and caregivers who have experienced the cancer journey first hand.

Each Guide has received training in nationally recognized communication techniques that provide active listening skills for providing support and encouragement. They gather together from time to time to refresh their skills and interact with other Guides.

We are currently recruiting Guides and Partners. Hear more about Peer Connect on this video program.

To register as a Guide or Partner, contact us at (919)401-9333, or by email at and review our Peer Connect Brochure.

Guides Gather for Fellowship and Learning


Peer Connect Guides meet about once a quarter for a meal, fellowship and to discuss a topic of interest.

Join our dedicated group of volunteer Guides! Contact us at (919)401-9333 or by email at for details.

Welcome, New Guides

Cornucopia hosted a guide training session recently, to welcome four individuals to our Peer Connect corps. These individuals received specialized communication training and will be matched with partners who are affected by cancer.

Peer Connect is made possible in part by a gift from the Faucher Family in memory of Mary Lou Faucher.