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Individual Support

For those who prefer individual support throughout their cancer journey, we offer a variety of services including individual counseling, pastoral care, life coaching and health coaching



Individual Counseling

Please call us at 919-401-9333 to learn about opportunities for one-on-one counseling for you and your family.

Pastoral Care

Spiritual and pastoral care is available from Oncology Chaplain Patricia Cadle. You may reach her at 919-445-5400.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a way to help you get your control back. We partner with certified coaches who guide the participant in tackling a challenge or question. One-on-one life coaching is available with certified coaches, and the first three sessions are provided free to Cornucopia participants. To learn more and to meet with a coach, call us at 919-401-9333.

Health Coaching

Sign up for individualized sessions a certified holistic health coach who will work with you to define your health and wellness goals and to develop recommendations and strategies towards achieving them. Call us at 919-401-9333.