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Our Library

Our Resource Library

Here at Cornucopia Cancer Support Center, we take pride in our resource library, covering a vast array of topics from caregiving and cookbooks to spirituality and stress reduction.

Participants are welcome to check out any of our books, DVDS, and CDs. We also have many informational brochures and pamphlets for you to keep. Stop by for a cup of tea and browse through our collection. Click here for a list of the resources we offer.

What’s New in the Resource Library

Karen Tripp, founder of Cancer Companions, has donated two books to Cornucopia’s resource library – God is Bigger than Your Cancer and God is Bigger than Your Grief.

Cancer Companions has expanded into North Carolina. You can find a church in several communities who have Christian volunteers trained in helping individuals and groups as they journey with cancer.

In addition to our on-site library, visit our online resources page for information about cancer, complementary therapies and other related topics.

Assistance for Patient Advocates

ChemoSabe: A Guide to Being a Personal Advocate for a Chemotherapy Patient provides assistance to caregivers as they tackle the cancer journey with their loved ones. Brenda L. Joyner, the author, is herself a patient advocate.

This little resource guide packs in a great deal of information about how to be the best advocate you can be while also being mindful of your own health.
Lasting Words, by Claire Willis, LICSW
Your words matter. That’s what licensed clinical social work, author and teacher Claire Willis writes in her book, Lasting Words: A Guide to Finding Meaning Toward the Close of Life. She shares her views and tips on therapeutic writing, at any stage of your journey, in her book and on That Cancer Show on July 6.

Using Guided Imagery on Your Journey

Cancer Guided Imagery Program, by Steve Murray, offers tips on how to put your mind to work effectively while undergoing treatment.

He explains how imagery works and provides step-by-step guidelines for finding the best approach to imagery for you.