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How Cornucopia Helps On the Cancer Journey

Here’s what our growing number of participants say about their experiences with Cornucopia. If you’d like to share your stories and successes, please contact us today.


“I’m glad to know this place is here. You have opened my eyes. The services have made an amazing difference in my health and my life.”
– P. B.

“Cornucopia is one of a kind – it should be in every town in America! Regular life is stressful enough, but when you’re dealing with cancer or preventing recurrence, it’s so helpful to have a place to go to have the stress taken out of you ”
– A. R.

“Cornucopia is a very caring, welcoming environment. Providers give you lots of ideas about how to handle what you’re going through – they’re nurturers.”
– C.K.

“This place has been a godsend to me. I felt like I was out of resources, so I came here, where I have received hope and hugs.”
– L.B.

“Cornucopia is the other part of my cancer team. These services are an intricate part of your care – they help you cope. Caring for the psyche is a very important part of your journey. Having these services available helps me fight cancer and beat it.”
– J. W.

“Cornucopia is important to me because here I receive compassion and validation. Cornucopia lets you know you are not alone from the first contact. When I walked through the doors of Cornucopia, I was greeted by Robin, Will, Olivia and Judy. They made me feel I belong here.”
– A.O.

“After being diagnosed with breast cancer (spring 1999) and given a lumpectomy surgery date (for a month later), I called Cornucopia as a resource. The person who answered the phone was as far as I needed to go! She had had the same type of surgery (sentinel node biopsy), which was a relatively new approach at that time, and to top it off, the same surgeon who performed hers was the one who would be doing mine as well. Needless to say, a lot of my apprehension and fears were allayed.”
– C.P.

“I was greeted like a long-lost friend. People here don’t step back when you say you have cancer. It’s a place where I can go, speak openly, and I can get a kind of honesty reflected back and can get as much help as anyone here is able to give me. I’m constantly amazed by what you do.”
– R. L.

“Thank you for the wonderful, healing place you have for us cancer survivors. I call myself a survivor because, even though I am in the middle of chemo treatments, I am still alive!”
– S. B.

“Everything about Cornucopia is a blessing to me.”
– D. M.

“What a pleasure it is to have the opportunity to participate in an organization whose mission it is to create life-enhancing programs, education, support, and opportunities for those of us who are living with our cancer diagnoses (and who every day challenge the mistaken notion that we are defined by our cancer!) Mind, body, spirit: Cornucopia Cancer Support Center opens the door to healing with its offerings that create a special sense of community for its participants. Thank you, Cornucopia, for all you do!’
– D. P.

“Every day, I feel the blessings of knowing that Cornucopia is available to me and those I care about. You all give so much of yourselves and I want to make sure you realize just how important you are to me and hundreds of others who come here for respite, relief and rejuvenation. We are better people because we have been influenced by your innumerable kindnesses. Thank you!!”
– L.B.

“Thank you Cornucopia for all the resources and support you give to all of us living with and surviving cancer, every day. My Yoga, Massage and Reiki experiences have been so beneficial as well as all the really cute caps and sun hats. Cornucopia is a safe haven for me and a really joyful experience. Blessings to all of you who watch over me. Xox”
– A. W.

“The staff and caregivers are the B-E-S-T! This is a peaceful oasis and a safe haven for anyone needing a moment of clarity or support. This is a very important place for anyone during their process of sickness and healing.”
– M.G.

“The fact that I am welcome here regardless of my appearance, my emotions or my finances is something I will always appreciate.”

“Cornucopia is the outstretched hand that lifts you up, supports you and eases the monumental stress.”

“Resources like Cornucopia provide an essential service, a refuge and a fellowship for patients and friends.”

Cornucopia Testimonial – Sherri Kempf, participant