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Service Team

Our Service Providers

Cornucopia is blessed to have a team of experienced service providers to help guide those touched by cancer and their caretakers and families through the journey of cancer. We provide services for the mind, body and soul to help you live life to the fullest.

Meet the Team

Massage Therapists

Meredith Brna, LMBT and Reiki

Nick Ngo, LMBT

Stephanie Nussbaum, LMBT

Carolina Kroninger, Healing Touch

Group Facilitator

Sue Schneider, Ph.D.







Dr. Sharon Taylor

Lee James, MS, LPC

Health Coaches

Wendy Kuhn


John Evans

Bonnie Barrett


Michelle Thelen


Triangle Acupuncture



Dr. Janet Savia, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Gary Grubb, MD, MSW, LCSW