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About Us

Renewing the lives of cancer patients and their families for 20 years

Our mission since 1995: To be a place where anyone touched by cancer can find support and resources to live life to the fullest. Cornucopia accomplishes this by supporting the mind, body and spirit of those journeying with cancer, their families and caregivers through complementary therapies, movement classes, individual and group support, expressive arts, information and resources, all in a non-clinical setting.




Our services are provided at no charge to patients, their family and caregivers. Over 46 different
cancers are represented in our client base. We had over 15,000 contacts with community members
touched by cancer in 2015. Two thirds of our clients are referred to us by Duke Cancer Institute and
North Carolina Cancer Hospital healthcare providers.

We believe that all people touched by cancer benefit when they are part of a caring community that
offers support, compassion, and hope as they navigate that difficult path. We offer a wide array of
programs and services in order to meet our participants where they are on their cancer journey. We have passionate staff and caring volunteers that consider the needs of participants

All of the programs and services provided by Cornucopia are offered free of charge to anyone touched
by any type of cancer at all stages of their journeys, as well as to their family members, friends, and